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Improving standard of life and economic welfare of people living in rural areas 

January 10, 2020
Location- NFE Centre under IPWWC at Hanuman Nagar Basti (Slums), Narengi, Guwahati, Kamrup (M)
Its now 6 months, since July 1, 2019, of implementing our Integrated Program for Welfare of Women and Children, where we opened a Non-formal Education Centre to assist Women and Children with limited accessibility to improve their quality of life. The Program focuses on Nutrition, Education, Women Empowerment, Women and Children Health, Community Awareness and providing Basic essential supplies. A makeshift room for regular classes is constructed temporarily. Now we have 15 regular students whom we are providing daily breakfast and lunch under essential diet rules, educational supplies, clothes and uniforms, daily basic essentials etc. Special care of their health are also being taken care of by regular care and checkups. Apart from regular amusements, on 31st Dec.’19 the Children were taken on a day out trip to Nehru Park (Amusement park), away from their regular environment, and the primary reason is to create social responsibility through communication and interpersonal relationship process among the Children.
The major achievement in these 6 months came, when 4 of our Children of NFE Centre got selected in Government School at 2 no Mathgharia LP School on 3rd, Jan. ’20. These are the once street Children (Sunil, Rekha, Sunita and Sita)  who could never make their way to School due to poverty, ignorance of parents, other engagements such as rag picking to name a few, are now happy learners who enthusiastically waits for the School bell to ring.
Another ambitious plan underway is the proper use of the slum wasteland by converting it into a productive vegetation land. Our aim is to engage the womenfolk of the slum in the process of garden cultivation and management.
Another big issue of the slum is clean drinking water, open bathing, open defecation in nearby railway tracks, ditches, wasteland etc. To resolve these issues, with the advent of the New Year, we have installed a water storage tank for clean and safe drinking water, semi concrete bathroom and semi concrete lavatory.

August 28, 2020

Winds of change ..
In a bid to raise the status of the women of Narengi Hanuman basti slum, 5-6 of them were trained to make bamboo broom during lockdown.
Finally they achieved their first day sales. Now we are aiming for bulk orders for them for a sustainable livelihood.Very soon we are arranging buyer-seller meet for market linkage.

Liberating Women and bringing smiles to the faces of deprived Children 


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Priyobondhu Flagship program IPWWC (Integrated Program for Welfare of Women and Children)