- Archana Borthakur, Founder, Priyobondhu

They can have delayed development and has the risk of chronic illness like asthma and behavioral problems like anxiety, hyperactivity, aggression etc.  Children facing hunger often grow up in a family where a parent or parents also face hunger. A family faces hunger simply because they don’t have money to buy enough food. They buy cheapest food instead of healthy food and as a consequence they experience developmental impairments in areas like language and motor skills and have more social and behavioral problems. They have the risk of chronic illness like asthma and behavioral problems like hyperactivity, anxiety, aggression etc.

The program is now functional at K A I L A S H P U R   L . P .  S C H O O L, Narakasur Pahar, Kahilipara, Guwahati, Assam.

Total number of students  enrolled in 2017 were 157.

​Total number of students enrolled in 2018 academic year is 102.

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Sept. 26, 2019- Commenced our daily breakfast program for the second time at 2 No. Mathgharia Lower Primary School on experimental basis for 3 months. Number of students enrolled in the LPS is 133.

" The aim of survival program BREAKFAST FOR A CHILD is to put an end to breakfast skipping and encourage optimal schooling."

Breakfast is considered to be the most important meal of the day. Children who didn't have a good breakfast in the morning were less attentive in school and less inclined to do well and suffered from fatigue. The prime objective of the survival program is to eradicate child hunger and breakfast skipping by providing a healthy breakfast daily consisting of a variety of foods, especially high-fiber and nutrient-rich whole grains, fruits, and dairy products. Therefore we cook and provide breakfast every morning before school for the poor children.

Children who eat breakfast on a consistent basis tended to have superior nutritional profiles. After overnight fasting, nutritious breakfast consumption may improve cognitive function related to essential role of breakfast for optimal schooling, attention, memory, test grades, and school attendance. Breakfast as part of a healthful diet and lifestyle can positively impact children’s health and well-being.
The risk of hunger and nutrition is probably the most critical problem which affects Children. It reduces the ability to learn and grow. Children facing hunger tend to struggle in school and may be beyond. It can have serious implications on child’s physical and mental health.  They tend to become malnourished, sluggish and dreary.

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