23-February-2016 until 27-April- 2016
Navoday path basti is situated at Hatigaon, Guwahati, Assam under Hatigaon Police station. Most of them are daily wage earners or petty peddlers. Maximum children are school dropouts and only few of them could make their way to school. Gambling, alcohol and easily available drug abuse is the environment of the basti. Parents and guardians are reluctant to send their students to school and instigate them to become a source of earning. The people of the basti dwell in a very unhygienic condition with no proper drinking water or sanitation facilities. Therefore it became our social responsibility to sensitize the people for a substantial development of health, livelihood and education.
The program objective-

1. Intervention for substantial development of health and hygiene, livelihood, education, proper sanitation facilities etc
2. Setting up open air school daily evening.
3. Organizing motivational interactive sessions against gambling, alcohol and drug abuse.
4. Sensitizing parents and guardians for sending their children to school.
5. Organizing health awareness group discussions.

Navoday basti before intervention of Priyobondhu-

1. Most of the children are school dropouts and only few of them could make their way to school.
2. The people lived in a very unhygienic condition.
3. There was no proper safe drinking water.
4. There was lack of sanitation facilities.
5. There was lack of educational environment.
6. Gambling, alcohol and drug abuse, even amongst the children were also progressive.
7. Children were instigated to earn livelihood by their parents and guardians.

Navoday basti after intervention of Priyobondhu-

Bijulee, A girl aged 7 years stays with her two elder brothers. After the death of her mother, her father abandoned them leaving them to strive alone for their livelihood. We took the responsibility to educate her and provide her with all essentials. She was admitted in Rajdhani primary school.
An open air school was started with 31 children of Navoday basti. Every evening our resource person goes to the basti and teaches them for 3 hours and it has been observed that the inclination to lousy activities has been receded.
We often distribute clothes and educational equipments such as notebooks, pencils, erasers, sharpeners, crayons etc. to the children as and when it was felt necessary.
Health and hygiene related matters were taken care of by providing dustbins, phenyls, bleaching powder, dettol etc and regular cleanliness drive was done by the volunteers.
The program commenced  from 23-February-2016 until 27-April- 2016

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