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Bhogali Bihu Celebration January 14 and 15, 2020

NFE Centre under IPWWC at Hanuman Nagar Basti (Slums), Narengi 

It all began on a chilly winter day in December 2015 when we stepped at Hanuman Nagar Basti (Slum), Narengi in a motive to distribute warm clothing to the disadvantaged Children, Women and Men. As you might imagine the unhealthy living conditions, ramshackle houses, impoverished people, using drain water, open defecation, Alcoholism, Substance abuse, amoral behaviors etc. Subsequently, we visited numerous times and conducted community awareness programs on WASH, MHM, Importance of Education etc. and organized several health camps. Gradually we came to know of their livelihood through household surveys and interactive sessions. Children living in the Slum were found with certain behavioral disorders and most of them were found to be School dropouts or never been to school. Most of the Children were engaged in Rag picking and household activities. Since then we began intervention for the development of the Women and Children in the Slum. We began single meal programs and serve a single regular ‘Full Course Meal’ to satisfy them who desire to eat a Nutrient-rich and delicious meal. But the motive behind the program is an enticement to attract people to learn life skills for full involvement in their daily life. We often conducted open air school sessions and saw Children being attracted to education one after another.
Consequently, on July 1, 2019 we formally announced and launched our Integrated Program for Welfare of Women and Children, where we opened a Non-formal Education Centre to assist Women and Children with limited accessibility to improve their quality of life. The Program focuses on Nutrition, Education, Women Empowerment, Women and Children Health, Community Awareness and providing Basic essential supplies. A makeshift room for regular classes is constructed temporarily.
We are providing them daily breakfast and lunch, educational supplies, clothes and uniforms, daily basic essentials etc. 
Being activity based learning and experiential learning the topmost priority, Education on Basic Assamese, Basic English, Basic Maths, Environmental Studies, GK and Current Affairs, Drawing, Performing Arts etc. are also imparted.

It’s a mission to make Children and Women HAPPY, HEALTHY and LEARNED.

It has been over 1 year since the program was launched, and we are happy to observed several positive outcomes. The number of Children has increased from 10 to 45, and now we are satisfied to provide them 3 complete meals per day (Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner).
Apart from engaging the womenfolk in gardening activities, they were trained to make bamboo brooms with a little investment from our side to start off the business. The Women who previously earned their livelihood through various unfair means are now self sufficient with dignity and pride. They make and sell 100-200 bamboo brooms daily.
We are fortunate enough that our non formal education center has been enlisted as Special Training Centre under National Child Labour Project (NCLP), Kamrup(M).
3 new areas- Dharbam, 2no Robingaon and Paschim Killing of Khetri, Kamrup district has been also included in our flagship program IPWWC and initially we are implementing our Child nutrition program, Garden Cultivation and Management, Life Skills and Self employability training in these 3 schools. As a part of our curriculum we are engaging the staff and students in the process of garden cultivation and management inside the school campus.
We are happy to announce that that these 3 schools of Dharbam, 2no Robingaon and Paschim Killing are also enlisted as Special Training Centre under National Child Labour Project (NCLP), Kamrup(M) from November 2020.
Now we have 187 children in all 4 centres and providing daily nutritious breakfast and lunch to all of them .
- Archana Borthakur, Founder

August 31, 2019- Started our Adult Literacy Program for Women under IPWWC of Priyobondhu at Hanuman Nagar Basti, Narengi. The mission statement is to become literate and obtain basic skills for employment and self sufficiency; and to obtain basic educational skills for the educational development of their children.

Various activities at a glance

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Integrated  program for welfare of women and children (IPWWC)

February 16, 2020- Installation of Safe drinking water tank, Lavatory and Bathroom at Hanuman basti slums, Narengi.

No more open defecation .. No more open bath for women .. No more impure drinking water.