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Field of Activities and Specialization 

Rural Development
a. Improve standard of life and economic welfare of people living in rural areas.
b. Reduce poverty by enabling the poor households to access gainful self-employment and skilled wage employment opportunities resulting in appreciable improvement in their livelihoods on a sustainable basis.
c. Facilitating skill and capacity building, soft skills, access to credit, knowledge dissemination, access to marketing,                 entrepreneurship development training to unemployed youths and access to other livelihoods services.
d. Provide health care facilities by improving the level of health care.
e. Provide instruction and assistance in developing good environmental practices
f. Provide education quality to underprivileged by increasing the amount of learning materials and facilitating modern technologies available to students and teachers and
g. Provide financial, technical support and developing infrastructures etc.
h. Implementing integrated child development services comprising supplementary nutrition, immunization, health check-up and referral services, pre-school non-  formal   education
i. Support traditional artisans.
j. Assist Central and State Government in implementing rural development schemes and projects.
k. Betterment of Tribal and Backward communities in rural areas.
l. Fortify against social injustice to Women and Children.
m. Pre and post disaster mitigation initiatives.

Women and Child development
a. Impart skills to women for income generating activities.
b. Integrated services consisting of awareness, immunization, health check-ups, nutrition and   health   education and refreshment services to child and pregnant women.
c. Provide new skills and knowledge to poor asset less women
d. Provide training and skills to women to enable them to obtain employment or become self-  employed.         
e. Provide day care services to children which include sleeping and day care facilities, recreation, supplementary nutrition, immunization and medicine.
f. Support and help to street children with  initiatives drop-in shelters, night  shelters, nutrition, healthcare, sanitation, hygiene, safe drinking water, education, recreational facilities and protection against abuse and exploitation etc.
g. Provide quality education to underprivileged girls.
h. Awareness for child and maternal mortality and provide access to food and nutrition and public health care services etc.
i. Fortify against social injustice to Women and Children.
j. Children and Adolescent Integrated Services.
k. Empowerment of adolescent girls.
l. Support to women victim of difficult circumstances so that they could live their life with dignity.