October 29, 2016- POSITIVE LIGHTS for the children living with HIV+. Priyobondhu celebrated Festival of lights with 17 children of Kasturi Children Care Home by lighting 1001 earthern lamps. By means of crowdfunding and collection we donated food items and educational equipment to the Children Home suffering from shortage of food. A meal program was also arranged for the inmates. Food items distributed viz. Rice, Dal, Mustard Oil, Atta, Sugar, Milk, Biscuits, Maggi, Potato, Onion,Tea etc. Educational equipment viz. Notebook, Pencils, Colour pencils etc.

Revitalization programs for Old aged people-

Priyobondhu revitalization program is a holistic approach for Old aged people who either have been abandoned by families or who has no relatives to take care of. It is often seen that the isolation of being away or deprived from the loved ones becomes a prime psychological issue for the old people. A few kind motivational words, a meal together, a little amusement together etc. can make a big difference. Gifting some good things, clothes etc. can feel them being cared.

1. January 10, 2016- Kalyan Ashram (Old Age Home), Moran
2. February 7, 2016- Seneh- Old Age Home, Kahilipara, Guwahati
3. April 17, 2016- Mother Old Age Home (32 inmates), Jyotinagar, Guwahati
4. July 19, 2016- Mother Old Age Home (40 inmates), Jyotinagar, Guwahati
5. December 25, 2016- Aamar Ghar (Old age home), Patharquarry, Narengi, Guwahati
6. January 17, 2017- Aamar Ghar Old Age Home, Patharquarry, Narengi, Guwahati
7. April 30, 2017- Mother Old Age Home, Jyotinagar, Guwahati

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