Last updated 30/06/2022 at 9:00 AM

Daily we come across many families who struggle to feed themselves and have a difficult time providing the school essentials to their school going children which is essential to academic success. Education has always been in the backseat due to other greater family needs. Our program, ‘School Kit for a Child’ as we name it, will provide the students with a school kit containing School Bags, Notebooks, Pencils and other essentials for an academic year. The objective is - The children must go to School, have self-worth, self-confidence and must not stay back due to unavailability of school supplies. The program serves the low income families who are unable to purchase school supplies for their Children and raise awareness on the importance of education.


January 27, 2020- Distribution of School kit viz. Bag, Tiffin, Water sipper,Pencils, Erasers, Sharpeners, Crayons along with other basic essentials like Toiletries(Toothbrush, Toothpaste, Soap), Warm Children clothes, Shoes etc. at Jeevan Sadhana Bidya Niketan (2 no. Robin gaon and Dharbam) Khetri. Presently there are 25 students at 2 no. Robin gaon and 38 students at Dharbam school.Type your paragraph here.